Estos son los trucos que utilizan los restaurantes para combatir el elevado precio del aceite

In restaurant kitchens the rise in the price of oil has been very noticeable and they have decided to use some tricks so that bills do not skyrocket at the end of the month.

Change garnishes and use milder oils

Some small savings techniques that are applied both in preparations in the kitchen and in the dining room. First trick: change the garnishes and replace them with others that do not require as much oil. The traditional French fries are replaced by roasted or baked potatoes. We visit a restaurant so they can explain to us what strategies they follow to adjust budgets.

The steak, at the ‘El Gordo 2’ restaurant in Tarragona, was accompanied by potatoes and is now served with stewed tomato. This is how Dani Sánchez, its owner, explains it, who tells us another savings formula: “If you make fideuá or chicken with garlic, instead of using extra virgin olive we use a lower grade oil“. They assure that the use of a lower grade oil also reduces the bill without losing quality on the plates.

Oil in single doses

In this business, they serve about 150 menus a day and they estimate that they spend “about 36,000 euros a year in oils“. Therefore, any strategy is welcome, such as dressing salads in the kitchen. oil cans have disappeared of the tables and have now been replaced by single doses. Paula Sánchez, another owner; She confesses to us that “in the past, customers put more and more oil, without control, it seemed like it never ran out” and that with single doses “we have noticed savings.”

Are small gestures to fight against rising prices. “We have been making cuts of this type and continue giving the customer the same quality.” Some raise the price of their menu and others juggle changing ingredients and adapting menus to make them cheaper. Because the restaurant sector is clear: you have to take advantage of every last drop of oil.

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