6 recomendaciones para comprar en Cyber Monday

This November 27th is celebrated Cyber ​​Monday Day or Cyber ​​Monday. Throughout this entire day, the websites are filled with discounts and offers that consumers can take advantage of only online or through the applications of the various virtual stores.

Although it was always an event linked to the purchases of electronic devices and all products that have to do with new technologies, during Cyber ​​Monday all kinds of items can be purchasedbut yes, only on the internet.

Online purchases mean that parcel services have a lot more work these days and some orders may arrive with a certain delay. Some brands provide their customers with the collection service in store or at an authorized participating point.

All kinds of comforts so that the user experience is as optimal as possible and on this Cyber ​​Monday the greatest number of purchases are made.

Origin and curiosities of Cyber ​​Monday

He origin of Cyber ​​Monday is right in the United States and its name was created by the website Hollisterco.com, which, in 2005, issued a statement predicting that Cyber ​​Monday would be one of the biggest online shopping days of the year.

Cyber ​​Monday follows in the footsteps of Black Friday, but focusing only on online purchases. For a few years now, many brands and large online platforms have already combined both dates and offered four days of discounts to all their users.

One of the main curiosities of Cyber ​​Monday is that this day also It is known as EDay. Furthermore, it began to be celebrated in 2012, but it was not until 2018 that this Cyber ​​Monday became popular throughout the country.

Recommendations to avoid falling into scams on Cyber ​​Monday

Buying on Cyber ​​Monday is not an easy task for users and here we bring you six recommendations to avoid falling into scams and make transactions safely.

  • First of all, it is important to check the prices of the products you are interested in a few days before to make sure that prices have not increased and the discount is real.
  • To avoid spending too much money this Cyber ​​Monday, you should think about what you really need and register the websites that may have that product.
  • Always buy in stores that have secure payment systems.
  • Set spending limits on your debit or credit card.
  • If the online store allows you to pick up the order in person, check if you can pay in the establishment itself and thus avoid the online transaction.
  • Remember to have your antivirus service updated, do not buy through applications that are not original and access the Internet from public networks.

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