From apprentice to manager at the Euco Center in Wolfsberg: This is how Dietmar Schatz’s career can be briefly summarized. After more than 42 years of service, the 57-year-old has decided to “change career”: “From December 5th, I will enjoy the holiday that I still have, and next year I will change careers and start my retirement on March 1, 2024. He will now say goodbye to Euco on December 1st “Didi” Schatz will provide the entertainment herself as part of “Schatz Buam”.

Management since 2008

In 2008, Schatz was tasked with headquarter and market management by the management of the Adeg Wolfsberg Cooperative. “All these years I felt like I was working for a family and social company. “I couldn’t have imagined a better company and I had the best team I’ve ever had,” Schatz tells his employer and co-workers.

On October 1, 2023, Arno Riedl and his son David took over the management of the Adeg market as a private trader, and in the autumn the Euco Center itself was acquired by the “Rutter Immobilien Group”. The shopping center, which once housed about 20 stores, is planned to be redeveloped next year. The modernization will cost millions.

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