Lower Carinthia’s Emely Myles is slowly getting nervous. The 33-year-old actor can be seen in the live shows of the “Voice of Germany” program. “We rehearse a lot, get vocal coaching, and get style tips,” Myles explains. He will sing a ballad. “I can’t reveal anything more. “I try to get enough sleep and watch my voice,” says Myles, who also carefully considers how he wants to present the song “in a way that suits him.”

The 33-year-old actor is supported by his friends and family. Myles’ mother, who stayed with him for a while, is also trying for him. He recently visited his mother in Myles’ hometown, Panama. “I hope many people call me. My dream is to become a singer,” says Myles, who lives in Miklauzhof in the municipality of Sittersdorf/Žitara vas.

Already TV experience

In any case, Myles is not lacking in stage experience. In Panama, he participated in a TV singing competition and performed professionally in a theater, and also had his own band. The 33-year-old actor also often sings in front of audiences in Lake Klopein and Klagenfurt. He also frequently appears at the Irish pub “Mc Mullens”.

Myles is competing for Irish singer Ronan Keating’s team on “The Voice of Germany.” The semi-finals will be broadcast on December 1 at 20.15 on Saturday at 1.

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