Meteorological winter begins on Friday, and this was already visible and noticeable on Thursday. The view from the window confirmed what was already predicted on Wednesday: the deep “Robin” brought snow to lower altitudes in Carinthia and East Tyrol in the morning.

Although some are happy with Ms. Holle’s cushions, drivers especially need to be careful on Carinthian roads because some roads are currently quite slippery due to snowfall in Carinthia. Snow chains were required on Thursday on the B95 Turracher Straße from Saureggen and on the B91 Loiblpass federal motorway from the Kirschentheuer junction to the Loibltunnel border point. This has now been removed again.

But the glory of white will not last long: “As the day progresses, the snowfall will turn to sleet and rain. With the snowfall limit rising to 2000 metres, winter weather will quickly disappear again. “But the rains will be very heavy,” says meteorologist Nikolas Zimmermann from the Ubimet meteorological service.

Winter has already arrived in Turrach and the first ski lift of the season opened on Wednesday.

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