La estafa de los pisos ‘fantasma’: Una mujer anuncia inmuebles que no son suyos y se queda con el dinero

This week we warn about the rental scams. We have found a scammer who has already deceived dozens of people and could have kept thousands of euros. This woman puts ads on social networks with false floors at a good price for us to bite.

One of them is located in Ibiza, two rooms by 800 euros with expenses included. Very attentive because he always uses the same trick. He tells us that there are many people interested and that if we want, we can make him an transfer in advance. But when we fall into the trap, she disappears and we are left without an apartment and without money.

We talk to the scammer

Publish dozens of ads all over Spain: “Apartment for rent in Grenadeflat in Esteponaapartment in figurines“, always at very cheap prices. We pose as a tenant interested in this apartment in Ibiza. We ask: “When would it be available?” This is when the scammer begins her tactic “for the reservation I would send you my ID and my account number,” he answers and adds that there are many people interested.

“If you want to make the reservation we would have to make it now” and if we want it we should pay half in advance. “If you have 300 euros “Could you send them to me today so I can ensure it until tomorrow,” he tells us in another message.

He begins to get very insistent with us to put pressure on us, he seeks our money at all costs: “If you can do something today, now I don’t know something…100, 200, 300, and tomorrow you will pass me the rest.” When we go to see the apartment, she will never show up and she will end up keeping the money. In reality, they are ‘ghost’ flats, She is not the owner and the photos are surely of other homes that do not even correspond to the locations she advertises.

This is not the first time that cases of victims of rental apartment scams. They take advantage of the need of tenants to find a home. The Police recommend that we do not trust suspicious advertisements and that we never make advance payments without seeing an apartment or signing some type of document.

Source: Antena3


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