St. The snow cannon at Loretowiese in Andrä is already working, so children will soon be able to race their sleds and bobsleds down the slope for free again. The slope has been used by families from all over Lavanttal for 25 years. Also for getting little kids on skis for the first time.

“Depending on weather conditions, the track will be accessible next week. Either we still get natural snow, or we hope that it will be cold enough for the artificial snow to stay there,” says Erwin Klade from the municipality of St. Andrä to the information phone number (0 43 58) 27 10-77. “This is actually the information phone number for our artificial ice rink, but of course you can also call and ask if the rink is accessible.”

paradise for children

St. Alfred Maier, the now retired company founder of the Maier car dealership in Andrä, was responsible for snowmaking and later hill preparation for many years. He bought a snowplow years ago to offer the kids a winter haven and it will be used again soon.

Alfred Maier in front of the snowplow

© Bettina Friedl

The 200 square meter artificial ice rink, located in the meadow under the Maria Loreto Basilica, will be opened as of December 5. There are six penguin-shaped walking aids that children can push in front of them to ensure nothing goes wrong when trying to walk on the runners for the first time. “Ice skating and sled rentals are also available,” says Klade, the ice rink’s operations manager. You can rent skates on site for 2 euros. The fee for using the area is one euro for children and two euros for adults (children under 6 travel free with a companion). The ice rink is open every day until February 18, that is, until the end of the semester break. Thanks to the floodlights, you can skate on the ice until 18.00 every day (see information box for opening times).

“This year, a heated tent will be built for children to warm up and rest. They can also put their shoes there so they don’t get cold while skating,” explains Klade. This year, there will be sausages and desserts in the hut next to the ice rink, where hot and cold drinks are served.


Bettina Friedl,

Source: Kleinezeitung