Same day on May 26: This year’s farmers’ market in Gösselsdorf starts at 17:00. Every Friday until 29 September, the Hrast, Toplitsch, Lackner, Hren, Kolier and Grilc families will be presenting regional specialties at the Gösselsdorf West farmer’s market opposite the campsite, from meat and dry produce to eggs and wine, and homemade pastries. “The family is here for the first time this year. Hren from Sittersdorf also with wine The Kolier family from Gablern with their jauntal eggs“, says Franz Prosen, head of the Eberndorf agricultural community, which organizes the traditional farmers’ market every year. In addition, the Gösselsdorf farmers market is also a social meeting place with food and drink.

Snack baskets raffle

For loyal visitors, the collection card launched years ago will continue, and draws for the corresponding bulging snack baskets will take place on August 18 and September 29. How to join? There is a stamp for every 10 euro consumed in the market. Put the fully stamped passport in the collection box in the marketplace and you will automatically be entered into the lottery.
Any number of passes can be delivered per person. Participation in the draw is mandatory.

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