These are shocking stories that scammers use to steal their victims’ savings. They pretend to be police officers and inform their relatives that their daughter/son was involved in a fatal accident. Recently, such cases have been increasing again and the perpetrators are becoming more difficult to find.

A fake policewoman can now rest in peace. The Polish national is on trial today in Klagenfurt on Friday. The woman is accused of defrauding a total of 636,000 euros from multiple victims. She is said to have requested bail from her relatives to avoid detention. According to the prosecutor’s indictment
Klagenfurt is a member of an accused organisation.
cross-border criminal group. So far, all the people in the back have not been learned. The defendant is said to have acted as “collectors” of money and jewels.

Carinthian warns others

A few days ago, a woman from Carinthia had to experience how the perpetrators shamelessly used the shock state of their potential victims. She got a call from a hidden number while She was at work. A police officer informed them that their only 14-year-old daughter was involved in an accident in which a woman was seriously injured. “They even knew my daughter’s name,” said the Carinthian. She asked if she could talk to her daughter. “Then all I heard was a whining.” Bail was required, after which her daughter would be taken home.

Fortunately, the case was clarified with the search for his daughter. “Relief was great, but so was anger.” Carinthian was unharmed, but still wants to warn others: “You’re in shock. Your knees are melting like wax when you hear your child was involved in an accident.”

Now a swindler has bitten the teeth of a retired Carinthia couple. The two trapped Pole in a trap. He was arrested but so far he has remained silent on the allegations against him.

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