Unos 150 agricultores protestan a las puertas de los Goya en Valladolid en la quinta jornada de huelgas

The fifth day of the farmers’ and ranchers’ strike, yes, with less participation than in the previous days. A part of the farmers continue with their demands since they do not agree with the 2030 agenda. They ask that set fair prices for your products and competition on equal terms with less bureaucracy involved.

Since early this Saturday there have been road closures and delays in five communities: Andalusia, Extremadura, Murcia, Castilla-La Mancha and Aragón. But as the afternoon progressed, there were only traffic jams on some roads.

One of the main focuses today has been placed on Valladolid, where the Goya Awards are being held tonight. To avoid incidents, the National Police and the Civil Guard have increased security forces throughout the city and surrounding areas.

The farmers stopped their march this morning in Traspinedo (Valladolid) without reaching enter the city center. For this reason, they have decided to get off the tractors to walk to the venue where the awards ceremony is held.

What are farmers asking for?

The farmers they want to be heard and that their requests be met: “We would like the prices to be in line with the expenses we have and for cultivating the land to be profitable. We demonstrate peacefully, we want to be seen and we know that many people show solidarity with us.”

With their protests they aim to regularize a market that imports from third countries at low prices and with unequal regulations, especially with Morocco. They also ask that the agreements with Mercosur (Latin America) and with New Zealand be paralyzed. Another complaint is the enormous bureaucracy they have to comply with and they want Europe to be less demanding with crops.

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