La Plataforma de transportistas se une a los agricultores y convoca un paro nacional indefinido

The Platform for the defense of the national and international road freight transport sector has called a indefinite national strike from this Saturday. With him they join the protests and the farmers and ranchers strike promoted by Platform 6-F.

“From this moment on, an indefinite national strike has been officially called,” announced the leader of the Transport Platform, Manuel Hernandez. The announcement comes after a show of hands in which dozens of people gathered on the esplanade of the Metropolitan stadium in Madrid.

The platform forecast is carry out joint strikes with Platform 6-F of farmers and ranchers. After the announcement, the spokesperson for the farmers’ platform, Lola Guzmán, shook hands with Hernández.

Guzmán has assured that It is not about “any political act, No political party calls us here, we don’t want any union, agricultural, political or anything. This is the people against the rulers, against the politicians.” He insists that the “Minister of Agriculture has to get together with the Minister of Transportation and that when they achieve their demands they will return to their homes.”

The platform, which in March 2022 promoted a 20-day strike that put the distribution chain in check. Now it takes this step without the support of the National Committee for the Transport of Goods by Road (CNTC).

31 detained and 8,400 identified

The security forces have arrested from Tuesday to 31 people within the framework of the farmers’ protests. Furthermore, they have identified proposed administrative sanction to 8,400.

The fifth day of protests has stood out for the police charges in Madrid against the concentration of transporters. After the protesters tried to leave the vicinity of the stadium by jumping over some fences, with the intention of cutting off the M-40, members of the police force tried to stop them, resulting in several protesters being injured.

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