Las cuentas en el campo no salen: los precios se incrementan un 400% al consumidor

The prices of products rise, but farmers do not notice this increase. “For 1 kilo of oranges you can charge an average of 0.30 euros and the consumer pays about 2 euros for it,” confirms José Ramón Pous, president of Adaribera (Ribera farmers association). “We are talking about almost 400% difference“he points out.

Among the reasons for this large increase? ” The intermediaries “If they were reduced, perhaps there would not be such a difference.” An increase that represents almost 400% more from origin to recipient.

Pepe Barea has citrus, onion and potato fields, and the bills don’t work out either. “If we continue like this we will have to abandon“he comments.

They ask for a fairer and more balanced commercial relationship, and are concerned about the future of the countryside.

Without generational change

“I do not have no one who is going to inherit my fields. There is no generational change,” points out José Ramón.

A worrying situation that will have to change so that these fields “do not become a wasteland,” as he clarifies, and end up abandoned.

Farmers’ demands

Some of their demands are the following:

  • Maintain agricultural diesel
  • That the digital notebook is not imposed, which will represent another economic burden for the sector.
  • If ecoregimes are mandatory, let the rules be relaxed to comply with them.
  • Environmental protection laws should be relaxed and let us live in rural areas.
  • Limit on the importation of products from countries that are not part of the European Community and that provide unfair competition to national productions.
  • Regulate the differences between the price of food from the field to the shopping cart.
  • Allow controlled burning of crop remains.
  • Environmental policies/laws are radical.
  • There is a bureaucracy that forces us to do a thousand papers to maintain agencies, banks, unions, etc.
  • There is contempt for the sector from governments.
  • Entry of food and products that do not comply with the regulations requested of us. Therefore, we do not play by the same rules.
  • The CAP is not focused on the professionalization of the field.
  • Elimination of the word and concept of right: a right equal to one hectare.
  • We need a national-European project that brings the countryside closer to the city.
  • The objective is not to ask for more money, the objective is that we could work and live even without the CAP.

Source: Antena3


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