Disturbios en la protesta de Zamora: agricultores bloquean la A-6, levantan barricadas y hay cargas policiales

The tension increases in the farmers protest and ranchers in Zamora. Field workers have blocked the A-6 highway near Benavente, which has triggered a kilometer-long traffic jam during the early hours of the morning. The circulation is already restored on the road where a few hours before there were police charges and barricades.

Rubber balls, smoke canisters, police charges… a pitched battle took place after midnight on the highway. The altercations in this farmers’ protest have left one injured and, according to local media, several arrested.

The protests do not stop. Farmers and ranchers maintain their requests for improve conditions of the field. In Catalonia, after several days of cuts on the AP-7 highway at the border crossing to France, they decided lift the blockage of the AP-7 as it passes through Pontós (Girona), but the groups of Puigcerdà (Girona) and Tàrrega (Lleida) have decided to keep them,

Alterations at the Zamora protest: one injured and several arrested

Hundreds of farmers and ranchers from Zamora take to the streets to protest. They invade and cut off the A-6 highway in both directions, restricting circulation. The protests began around midnight and the tension has been increasing with the arrival of the Civil Guard and riot police.

There are police charges, tear gas They affect the protesters: “Holy shit, how it stings!” one of them complains. The protesters have set up barricades to prevent passage while the agents tried to restore traffic, causing tense situations between protesters and Security Forces and Corps. According to local media, one protester is injured and several have been arrested.

Agricultural protests

Wednesday will be fulfilled a month of protests by Spanish farmers, four weeks with road closures and tractor trailers. Farmers took to the streets on February 6 to denounce the excessive bureaucracy and environmental demands of the CAP or competition from imports from countries outside the European Union (EU).

After weeks of road closures, blockades in logistics centers, tractor trailers, distribution – and overturning – of food, it seems that they are beginning to have a response from the authorities to find solutions. They highlight the proposal for exemption from CAP conditionality controls for smaller farms, the voluntary nature of the digital notebook and the modification of the rules of good agricultural practices related to crop rotation and fallow, within a package of measures proposed by the European Commission (EC).

Minister Planas has already held three meetings with the majority agricultural organizations, Asaja, COAG and UPA to explain these and other proposals that also cover the sector’s national concerns.

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