Cursos del SEPE para abril 2024 gratis y online

If you are unemployed and want to expand your training to get a job, the State Public Employment Service (SEPE) teaches a wide variety of courses divided into various areas so you can choose the one that best suits you. The offer, as you can see on the SEPE website, is very wide and varied.

There are trainings related to computing, digital marketing, e-commerce, big data, etc. Likewise, there are also courses related to sports, health, nutrition and dietetics, including animation, accounting and business leadership. As you can see, given so much diversity, surely There is a SEPE course perfect for youyou just have to search for it, find it and sign up.

What SEPE courses are there in April 2024?

If you think that April 2024 It is the perfect month to expand your job prospects, Sign up for the training offer that SEPE offers you! This is a state service, but you should know that it is the autonomous communities that have powers when establishing the courses.

The SEPE courses They are completely free and take place online, which offers many advantages, such as studying at your own pace and from anywhere with Internet access. In addition, its offer is very extensive, since you can find training in digital marketing, to hospitality and commerce, including languages ​​and administrative management.

Another aspect that you should know is that the training hours of these courses may vary, since there are some that only last 10 hours, compared to others that require 240 or 300 hours. Look at the one you prefer and analyze the description in detail to see if it is of interest to you.

However, if you have any questions, In all employment offices there is always a counselor to advise you and inform you about the contents of the courses or the training that best suits your professional profile.

SEPE courses: how to sign up?

Enrolling in a SEPE course is very simple and intuitive. You just have to follow these two steps:

First locate in the list of online courses of your autonomous community the training that interests you.

Then, to register for the SEPE courses during the month of Aprilyou have two options: attend in person to the nearest employment office and seek advice on how to access online courses, registration deadlines, schedules, etc. Or sign up through online platforms. You just have to follow the instructions that appear on the screen of each course.

After these steps, you will have to wait for them to contact you from the INEM. Remember that the essential requirement for registration is be registered as a job seekerso do it beforehand.

As the training offer is very diverse and broadI’m sure you’ll find some SEPE free online course that you find interesting or that is useful for your resume and your professional future.

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