Al menos 69 pasajeros bolivianos de un buque de MSC, retenidos en el Puerto de Barcelona

They boarded in Brazil and were heading to Barcelona, ​​however when the MSC Harmony ship entered the Barcelona’s port the real journey began to 69 Bolivian passengers. Around 1,500 people are traveling on the cruise and among all of them there are 69 who cannot leave the ship because they do not have a valid visa to set foot in the territory of the Schengen area.

Barcelona was the final destination for these travelers, but not for all the passengers who were supposed to be traveling to Croatia, but which, for the moment, are moored in the Catalan port waiting to resolve the situation.

Sources from the MSC company have indicated that the documentation with which these people travel “seemed” appropriate at the time in which they They embarked in Brazil, However, now the police authorities say that it is invalid. Sources from the National Police Corps (CNP) have assured the EFE news agency that the visas of these Bolivian citizens are false and that they are investigating whether those responsible for the cruise ship were aware of this alleged infraction.

“As a result, passengers have not been able to disembark in Barcelona, ​​which was their final destination,” explains MSC, which also adds that the ship waiting docked while work continues to resolve this incident.

Passengers are receiving assistance as a guarantee of respect for their Human Rights and at the same time both the Spanish and Bolivian authorities and the MSC company are working as a team. According to the statement from the Bolivian Foreign Ministry, it is the company “that must provide an immediate solution to the situation” since it was its obligation to corroborate that the necessary documents at the destinations were correct.

From MSC they report that the cruise has crossed the Atlantic from Brazil to Barcelona, ​​where the passenger that had its final destination in this city has disembarked and, at the same time, a new passenger has embarked on the second part of the route, in this case across the Mediterranean to Croatia. With this flow of entry and exit from the ship, there are currently around 1,500 people on board waiting to leave Barcelona and continue the trip.

Necessary documentation

Until 2007 Bolivian citizens did not need a visa to make short-stay trips, of up to 90 days, to countries that are part of the Schengen area, but as of that year a decision adopted by European governments to respond to the increase in the migratory flow from Bolivia.

In 2015, the Bolivian Government and the European Union (EU) began negotiations to eliminate the Schengen visa requirement for Bolivians making short-term trips to these countries. The issue was addressed again in 2022 in a “high-level” dialogue in La Paz, although the visa requirement for Bolivians is currently still in force.

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