What about sexual abusers and predators? Here’s how the networks reacted to Will Smith’s sanction

With strong messages, the actor’s fans showed their disagreement with the sanction imposed on the actor

The blow he gave Will Smith Chris Rock has already had consequences, the Academy has decided that: “For a period of ten years, beginning April 8, Mr. Smith will not be able to participate in any event or program, in person or virtually”, according to what was released by an open letter between Chairman David Rubin and CEO Dawn Hudson.

As expected, reactions on social media were quick to come, as although fans and not-so-fans alike agree that violence will never be the answer, they reflected on the Academy’s reaction to to what happened in the delivery of the 94th Oscar.

The Academy’s harsh punishment for Will Smith

After the announcement, many netizens recalled that the Academy cleared and punished other celebrities accused of sexual violence less harshly, revealing that they did not follow their own rules.

“The Oscars are pathetic for banning Will Smith when they have awards for predators, molesters, rapists and stalkers. These people don’t listen to each other,” one user wrote.

On the list of men who are not banned from attending but have allegations of sexual violence: Harvey Weinstein, Roman Polanski, Mel Gibson, Woody Allen, Kevin Spacey, Casey Affleck, Gary Oldman, Sean Penn, Quentin Tarantino, Jared Leto and Bryan Singer

Another user wrote: ‘Will Smith should have adopted a child then married him to avoid the ban’, referring to Woody Allen, a Hollywood producer who has been accused of abuse and experienced exactly what he says in his tweet, married to his daughter and has several accusations of sexual abuse.

Many others have wondered about Chris Rock’s punishment, as the comedian made a tasteless joke for Jada and hasn’t yet come out to apologize to the actress. Of course, Will Smith definitely did something wrong at the Oscars, so he deserves it. But what about Chris Rock? Did he apologize for his horrible jokes with Jade?” wrote a user in the networks.

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