‘If they take my picture as Blondie, beak, take it out’: Rodolfo Carter got honest in new book by Rodrigo Fluxá

Several public figures are part of the history of the nightclub located in Estación Central.

The book “Ordinary People: An Oral History of the Blonde» has only been available for a few days in the main bookstores of our country. The text tells, through the voice of its own protagonists, what one of the most popular nightclubs in Santiago, La Blondie, is like.

Symbol of equality, diversity and coexistence between the different urban tribes but also a space of absence of control and debauchery, or so the protagonists of the writing made by the journalist describe it Rodrigo Fluxa.

Certain anonymous and other names known as Alberto Fuguet, Jorge Olguin, Javiera Mena, Camila Moreno, Claudio Valenzuela (Lucybell), Sergio Lagos and Blanca Lewin; among many others, they are the ones who build the imprint of this speaker.

Florida Mayor

However, a name that caught our attention and that is not related to the world of culture in our country, is the mayor Rudolf Carter. The politician clearly remembers his days at the Blondie.

At the same time, he travels back in time to remember his mother’s words when she sings “I’m sorry, my love” by Rocío Jurado.

I vividly remember being seven years old—I lived in Los Copihues, Florida—and singing out loud, ‘I haven’t felt a thing doing it with you in a long time, my body ain’t shaking no ‘want to see you lit up’. And my mother looks at me through the window and says ‘don’t sing that‘” he recounts.

Returning to the present, the Florida mayor once again walked on the Blondie with his work crew at the municipality. “They were terrified: ‘They’ll take your picture, we’ll have mercy’. But if they take my picture in the Blondie, so be it, let them take it. If they find me cool, their problem; if she’s sexually ambiguous, who cares?“, he commented.

I’m single, I’m fifty, I don’t have to explain what I do in my life“, he assured.

Later, the mayor says: “I came from Right of the Catholics and the discotheques of the sector Las Condes charged me. I was annoyed by this sham you had to adopt to feel part: have to be a winner, be a cool, say I’m here to catch a mine. And Plaza Ñuñoa has always been left to caviar. When I found the Blondie I found out it could be me”.

Finally, he ended his account with the following comparison:I would be embarrassed to have my picture taken at Lollapalooza, because it’s so expensive, not at Blondie”.

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