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Zwei Millionen zur Totenwache der Queen in London erwartet

According to the longest-serving member of the House of Commons, this week in the UK Parliament is Queen Elizabeth II. Two million people are expected to attend the four-day ceremony following Elizabeth’s death.

Funeral procession: Queen’s coffin brought to Edinburgh

Waiting for hours to say goodbye to the queen

Queen 2 million people are expected to attend Elizabeth’s funeral. II. Elizabeth’s coffin will be placed there on Wednesday and will be open to the public day and night until Monday morning. “There were 200,000 people when my Queen Mother died, now we’ll see ten times that number,” Conservative MP Peter Bottomley told BBC 4 radio on Monday.

Two million expected at Queen’s funeral in London

The Conservative MP continued, “It was a sad but great opportunity for people to see both the modernity and history of the monarchy. However, organizing so many people is also a huge challenge, especially for many people who have to queue for hours on end because of the need for toilets.” because.

Parliament gives advice on where citizens can say goodbye to the Queen

On Monday, Parliament issued instructions for citizens wishing to say goodbye to the Queen on the field. Significant waiting times are expected, possibly overnight. There is very little opportunity to sit down. However, camping chairs are not allowed. Teddy bears and flowers are also not allowed in Parliament.

King Charles III accepts condolences from Parliament

On Monday morning, the new King Charles III. and his wife, Camilla, received their condolences from the two chambers of Parliament in Westminster Hall. Charles was expected to deliver a speech to MPs. After the ceremony, the royal couple will fly to Edinburgh, Scotland, where the king will begin his funeral tour across the country.

Queen Elizabeth died Thursday at the age of 96.

The Queen died on Thursday at Balmoral Castle, Scotland at the age of 96. His coffin was brought to Edinburgh on Sunday and was originally the main church of the Presbyterian Church of Scotland, St. Giles Cathedral. The coffin will be taken to Buckingham Palace in London on Tuesday, and the Queen will be laid to rest at Westminster Palace for several days from Wednesday. The state funeral will be held on Monday, September 19.


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