The Resident Evil series for Netflix is ​​shown in a second trailer full of creatures

The second Resident Evil trailer explains light plot details and reveals some of the most well-known mutations in video games, such as a giant spider, a Licker, or the Grave Digger.

Yesterday we had the opportunity to see a first trailer for resident Evil, the new adaptation of Capcom’s popular horror and survival franchise for Netflix, which will be released on the small screen on July 14th. If the first trailer made you want to see more footage, you’re in luck: netflix has officially shared a second trailer full of totally new, action-packed scenes with light plot details and, of course, monstrosities straight out of the video game.

The trailer begins with a meeting of senior members of the Umbrella society in which we can see Albert Wesker (Lance Reddick) explaining the benefits of Happiness, an antidepressant created to cure OCD, reduce anxiety and increase concentration. Where is the trap? Apparently, said antidepressant contains a small dose of Virus-T, a substance that can turn people into monsters like we saw in the classic games trilogy. It seems that at some point in history, the Virus-T will cause an exponential infection that will infect a large part of the populationleaving the planet completely desolate and with a few groups of survivors.

Much to the delight of die-hard fans of the games, the second trailer includes well-known creatures beyond mythical zombies and infected dogs. We can see a brief scene in which a giant spider crosses a dark corridor, as well as a lick threatening one of the main characters and, as a highlight, a giant worm very similar to the gravedigger from Resident Evil 3: Nemesisone of the most iconic bosses who was absent from the remake.

The series will take the history of the games as its context

Despite the fact that some general story details for the series were leaked at the end of January, the truth is that there are a lot of unknowns in the air. Will we see video game protagonists like Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine, Leon S. Kennedy or Claire Redfield? To what extent will game lore be taken into account? Everything indicates that we will have to wait for the premiere to resolve these doubts, although we want to highlight a very interesting detail shared by Andrew Dabb, showrunner of the series, in an interview for The player. As you can imagine, resident Evil from Netflix will not belong to the canon of video games, but the series will take into account the events that occurred in these. In other words, all the titles of the saga have occurred in the universe of adaptation, something that can give a lot of play.

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