No! Do not look! | Are Jordan Peele Films Connected?

Jordan Peele has a very particular point of view in his films, although they are by no means alike. Are they all part of the same universe?

After the hit movies Run! and Werecently the director also released No! Do not look!which has an otherworldly menace with a dose of social commentary.

The idea of ​​an extended universe is not new and has been very successful in franchises such as marvel, dc and the movies of Invocation of Evil and its derivatives.

Information is conflicting

Daniel Kaluuya in Run!  (Reproduction)
Daniel Kaluuya in Run! (Reproduction)

When you released the first teaser of No! Do not look!, the director included more footage from his two previous films as a way to promote the new one, urging fans to “figure out what’s next.” This has already fueled the idea that some connection between them could be revealed in the film.

Although there is nothing explicit in the new production or any official confirmation from Jordan, a few years ago the director said in an interview that he wanted to put references and Easter Eggs: “I will probably continue to sew in the universe in the next film”.

Is it better that the movies don’t relate?

Lupita Nyong'o is Adelaide/Red in Us (Reproduction)

While it’s always interesting when films connect to form a narrative arc that can last for years and even decades, not every filmmaker who releases multiple films in a row should follow suit.

The lack of connection would give freedom for the director, making works that are complete in themselves, to bring to the public interesting, curious and unusual premises without having to worry about maintaining a logic that needs more and more elements to take into account. .

The lack of connection between the films also allows greater creative leaps to be made that are not just limited to plot, but also time and place: without the need to be all in a cohesive group, the artist’s projects always bring that enthusiasm of not know what’s coming, because nothing before prepares for it.

Trailer scene from NO!  DO NOT LOOK!  (Reproduction)

No! Do not look! It is still showing in Brazilian cinemas. Run! is available on Star+, Prime Video and Telecine Play, and We can only be viewed through rent or purchase on various digital platforms.

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