Why is one of Stephen King’s best short stories never adapted?

Stephen King is one of the most celebrated horror authors in history, and his short story The Man in Black Suit is a fan favorite. Why was it never adapted for film or TV?

The story is part of a collection by the author along with 13 other short stories, which include the famous 1408which won its own movie in 2007, starring John Cusack.

Many other works like The Shining, IT: The Thing and Damn cemetery received film versions and became great classics of the genre.

Pennywise (Tim Curry) in It - A Masterpiece of Fear (Reproduction)
Pennywise (Tim Curry) in It – A Masterpiece of Fear (Reproduction)

What exactly is the story of Man in Black Suitand why has no one ever tried to bring it to life in a movie or series?

The Story of the Man in the Black Suit

The plot of the tale is quite simple: an elderly man is recalling an incident from his youth that left him disturbed forever. As a boy he went fishing alone and then took a nap; upon waking up, he was accompanied by the title character.

Cover of Everything is Eventual (Disclosure)

The skeletal man starts telling him horrible things about his future, and ends up threatening to devour him. It is then that he shows that he is not just a human being, displaying a mouth full of sharp teeth.

Convinced that the creature is the Devil himself, the boy flees and is chased for a long distance until he manages to escape with his life. The old man, however, is still terrified of the chance that he will be found by Man again, and that he will fulfill his promise.

As with most of Stephen’s creations, the story is much more than just the surface: the Man in Black Suit it is an allegory for the protagonist’s fear of dying and going to hell.

Why was The Man in the Black Suit never adapted?

Fan art of The Man in the Black Suit (Reproduction/Peter Dimitrov)

The Man in the Black Suit doesn’t have enough content to stand on its own as a feature film. In addition, by having few details, each reader interprets the story in a way, in a way that makes satisfying everyone waiting for adaptation almost impossible.

The film 1408 has already proved that, with the right idea, a short story can work as a film. Perhaps in the future some filmmaker will accept the challenge and be able to take the memorable story to the cinema.

The Man in the Black Suit is included in the book Everything is Possibleavailable in the main bookstores in Brazil.

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