Scream Maker Reveals Opinion About the Series Movie He Didn’t Write

Kevin Williamsonthe creator of the first script and father of the franchise in partnership with the late Wes Cravenhas no problem admitting that panic 3 not your favorite.

The filmmaker wrote the first two films, but for a number of reasons did not script the third. Kevin would come back to write panic 4 and, although he did not write, he also participated in Panic (2022) as executive producer.

Written by Ehren Krugerthe third film in the franchise is quite different from the others, and is the one that most divides the opinions of fans: while many appreciate the more comic side of the production, others think that the script is much inferior to the others.

David Arquette is Dewey, Neve Campbell is Sidney Prescott and Patrick Dempsey is Mark Kincaid in Scream 3 (Reproduction)
David Arquette is Dewey, Neve Campbell is Sidney Prescott and Patrick Dempsey is Mark Kincaid in Scream 3 (Reproduction)

In an interview given to the Horror Queers podcastKevin confessed that it took him nearly ten years to watch panic 3and it was not by will, but by necessity:

“I actually didn’t even watch the movie at the time, I watched it years later in preparation for it. panic 4. Then I thought: ‘Let’s see panic 3‘. I had seen a little bit here and there, but I had never watched the entire movie,” she admitted. The filmmaker also stated that the film had lost the essence of what made the previous ones scare:

“He didn’t look like Panic 1 and 2. From a creative point of view, you could see that it had been written by someone else. And I didn’t feel the least bit scared, I thought it was a little bit funnier, I thought it was a little bit cheesier, more exaggerated. He had some really good moments, like the character of Parker Posey.”

Parker Posey is Jennifer Jolie in Scream 3 (Reproduction)


Another thing that for the screenwriter made the film’s quality inferior to others was the question of coherence. Mentioning the gas explosion scene, he recalled how he and the director were keen to get everything right, and he didn’t feel the same way about the third film:

“I think one of the things that Wes and I did really well together is that we were the ‘logic patrol.’ We would argue: ‘Well, this couldn’t have happened because this was happening and this could happen here because that happened before’and we would play this game and try to make everything as perfect as possible, and I thought that in panic 3 things were kind of messed up.”

Scott Foley is Roman Bridger and Lance Henriksen is John Milton in Scream 3 (Reproduction)

In the end, Kevin admits that he took a more critical eye than usual when he saw the film, especially since it was a story that continued with the characters he had created:

“I was annoyed, but I was wanting to be annoyed. [risos] I mean, to be fair, I wasn’t seeing him as a ‘Oh, I’m going to see a movie’ thing. I was watching a movie that I didn’t write that I should have written.”

Panic (2022) is available on Telecine Play. Panic (1996), 2 and 3 are available on Paramount+ and through premium subscriptions to Prime Video or Globoplay. panic 4 is available on Prime Video and Globoplay premium subscription.

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