Several authors of Netflix’s The Witcher mocked the books and games

Beau DeMayo, a former Netflix producer, claims that some of the writers involved in The Witcher series came to mock the source material because they didn’t like it.

The creatives who deal with film adaptations of video games or books are usually, with few instances, ardent enthusiasts and connoisseurs of the original material. However, this does not seem to be the case for the television series of the witcher produced and distributed by Netflix, and is that, as revealed by former producer Beau DeMayo, several of the writers who worked on the first seasons of the Spectacle they weren’t particularly interested in books by Andrzej Sapkowski or video games developed by CD Projekt RED. In reality, states that some even “mocked the source material”.

“I’ve been in series – specifically the witcher— where some of the writers weren’t fans or disliked the books and games (they even actively mocked the source material),” DeMayo said.It’s a recipe for disaster and bad morals. Fandom’s litmus test is checking egos and making all the long nights worthwhile. You have to respect the work before you can add to its legacy,” he added. DeMayo thinks anyone working on an adaptation of a well-known franchise should, at a minimum, respect the source material.

The third season will arrive in the summer of 2023

Naturally, DeMayo does not name any specific writers so as not to reveal his identityso we don’t know if the writers he refers to have worked on the show’s third season, which is slated to premiere in the summer of 2023. Interestingly, despite these statements, The Witcher’s first two seasons have been a lot more faithful than many thought to the original books, so we could say that, despite the fact that some may not be fans of the saga, they have more than done their job.

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