Denisa Grossová spoke about lies on social networks. That’s not reality, I don’t share anything negative myself, she admitted

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Denisa Grossová decided to write a more in-depth post on Instagram about the role of social media and what is actually reality. “It’s good to realize that what you see on social media is not reality, but only content that is shared by people showing only what they want to be seen”, writes the dancer, photographer and singer in a post accompanied by a provocative photo. .

“We all go through different stages in our lives and not all of them are pretty.” Denisa Grossová, dancer, photographer, singer and daughter of the late former Prime Minister Stanislav Gross, began her profound Instagram post with these words.

Social networks are not reality

“That’s why it’s good to realize that what you see on social media is not reality, but only content shared by people showing only what they want to see. We all do it , it protects our privacy.” continues Denisa, who has more than 21,000 followers on Instagram. She attached a paradoxically hot photo to the text, posing in her underwear covered only with a shirt. It is difficult to say what the author meant by this combination.

“I almost never share anything negative here either, on the contrary. When I’m not well, only those who are really close to me know. And even then not always, because I tend to withdraw into myself- same and not to communicate with anyone at all.
But I think it’s sometimes good to remember that we’re all sometimes up, sometimes down… So
don’t believe everything about the socks it’s just a lie
. You’re not alone,” the popular influencer advises her fans at the end.

She would go to Like House

Denisa is engaged in theater, photography, social networks and influencers. He has tens of thousands of fans on TikTok. “TikTok is one of the platforms that is growing a lot, that’s why I joined it. It started during the coronavirus period, I didn’t want to launch the application at first, but in the end I I did. I spent hours on it, started creating content that people liked, and it grew.” said Denisa Grossová some time ago for, who even received an offer to join the reality show Like House.

“I was supposed to be in the front row, in the end it didn’t happen due to professional commitments. I’m sorry, I watched it and I know almost all the participants”, concluded the older sister of Natália Grossová, saying that she would probably still go to the reality show Like House.

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