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Freddie Mercury’s Last Wish: Estate Crushed to Dust, Chef Bequeathed Billions

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Everyone loved him, unfortunately he died too young. Today marks exactly 31 years since legendary vocalist and Queen frontman Freddie Mercury breathed his last. (†45). Then he succumbed to pneumonia, which was accompanied by AIDS-related complications. However, there was not much left for him, vmost of her belongings were destroyed, she says curator of the Postal Museum Joanna Espin for the T sitehe Vintage News.

Singer Freddie Mercury, real name Farrokh Bulsara, was born in Zanzibar. Already during his studies at boarding school, he learned to play the piano and founded his first band called The Hectics, in which he he first appeared under the nickname Freddie, by which the whole world knows him. Freddie Mercury’s health has long been debated. Fans have learned what illness the frontman of Queen is battling November 23, 1991 extract from a press release. He died a day later.

For a few days, he had not eaten any solid food, he only consumed fruits and fruit juicesas his then-partner Jim Hutton states in the book Mercury and me . Two weeks before his death, the Queen frontman reportedly stopped taking all of his medication. “When he breathed his last, the agony disappeared from his face. Vhe finally seemed calm” reports Hutton.

A stellar career

Everyone knows Freddie as the leader of the band Queen, in which he played with John Deacon, Brian May and Roger Taylor. The first huge success was achieved by the group after the release of the song Bohemian Rhapsody, which topped the UK charts and became one of the most important songs in music history. The image of the group was given by Freddie himself, who he appeared in extravagant clothes, painted his fingernails and grew a mustache on his face. Controversy, fun and innovation – it all played into Queen’s hands, the band became a musical legend and the whole world was at their feet. About the legendary group was created recently movie titled Bohemian Rhapsody (2018) with S Rami Malek.

Freddie Mercury had AIDS

Unfortunately, Mercury’s rambunctious, rambunctious lifestyle came to a sad end. But he was a fighter. Although he had the insidious disease of AIDS, he did not slow down his pace, he continued to write new songs and tour as much as possible.

The general public didn’t have a clue about his illness for a long time, but that changed in late November 1991, when the sad news was sent to the world by the band’s manager, Jim Beach. Twenty-four hours later, Mercury is dead. Before his death, he managed to record the last album Innuendo with Queen, which also includes the song Show must go on.

Property of Freddie Mercury

Mercury left most of his fortune to ex-girlfriend Mary Austin, with the rest inherited by his parents and sister. Among other things, he also donated half a billion pounds (about 14 billion crowns) to his boss Joe Fanelli, his personal assistant Peter Freestone and his partner Jim.

But much of his property was destroyed. “When Freddie Mercury died, many of his belongings were burned in accordance with his family’s religious beliefs,” Postal Museum curator Joanna Espin revealed, as the website writes The news of the vintage .

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