Kopřivová has reason to be happy: her one-year-old daughter’s health is improving, but she still needs to be watched

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Veronica Kopřivová (31) finally felt a bit relieved. After going through what no parent wants to see, the situation has already improved. Her daughter Ella ended up in hospital with a disease of the temporal bones. Apparently the pills had already taken their toll, so Mom calmed down a bit. Unfortunately, he still has tubes with antibiotics. Veronika shared the good news on her Instagram.

No parent wants to experience such horror. Jaromír Jágr’s ex-girlfriend, Veronika Kopřivová, had several sleepless nights. Her one-year-old daughter Ella was hospitalized at Motol Hospital due to an inflammatory disease. She let her fans know how she felt at that particular moment on Instagram.

Horror, horror

“Everything was fine until Thursday, but then she was on the last dose of mandatory vaccination and boom,” commented Veronika Kopřivová in the stories. But now everything is fine. “Hooray, it’s better now. I finally know her again, she wants to eat, she’s tanned and mad at her mother. She still needs to be monitored and given intravenous antibiotics, but in a few days, she’s going home.” Kopřivová confided.

On Friday morning, doctors removed the cannula from the girl’s leg and Veronika hopes they will be home soon. “Breakfast and waiting for the results, when they finally let us go home. She already has the cannula removed from her leg and can run, and hopefully tomorrow they will remove the head office from her neck.” she says. Ella’s father, Miroslav Dubovický, is waiting for them at home. The couple have been engaged since February. They were bragging about the happy news social networks.

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