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Nicol Lenert heard the universe: A shocking marriage to a wealthy man 29 years her senior was predestined by psychics

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When former TV News star Nicol Lenertová (48) celebrated her birthday three years ago, she received a shocking prediction from fortune teller and psychic Barbara Kočková. She warned her that her whole life would be turned upside down. And now he really experiences it. “Predictions have always worked for me,” Nicol admitted to the authors of the audiobook she narrated. It reminds me of the Believe it or not series.

Nicol Lenertová and Barbara Kočková: oracle of destiny

The editors of were the first to report recently that the ex-moderator and current spokesman of the health insurance company Nicol Lenertová married businessman Viliam Sivek (76), who is 29 years her senior. At the same time, she has not been living with her ex-boyfriend for so long, she has two boys with him, the eldest is seventeen. We wrote about the party here.

She was completely unprepared for the fact that a fundamental change was about to take place in her life, but perhaps despite the witch’s warning.

“I don’t just get information about a person from cards, sometimes I just see it from him, it starts jumping out at me on its own. Three years ago I gave a cake to Nicole for her birthday and on that occasion I had to tell her that such a change of life awaits him that it will not be enough to be surprised. That the greatest happiness is yet to come. She was surprised by these words,” card player Barbara Kočková recalled to

“She talks about it herself to people around, so I don’t reveal any secrets. She saw now what I saw then. I told him: ‘You’re going to have solid foundations and such luck that you won’t be able to assimilate it’,‘ reminds the card reader.

Nicol: Maps have always helped me decide

And Nicol confirms it.

“I know Barbara and I like her. In addition to her, I also know other great ladies who know this area very well. Maps are a help in a situation where you find yourself at a crossroads and are unsure of which way to go. A good reading of the cards will help you see what you are going through. For me, card readers have always read the past and the current situation and predicted future situations that have occurred – at work and in relationships.“, admitted Lenertová.

And just before the secret weddings, with which she surprised everyone, she told about her favorite science the audiobook Secret Stories by Barbara Kočková, recalls the famous television series Believe it or not.

Unlike him, however, all 30 incidents of one of the most famous and sought-after Czech fortune-tellers should have happened in our country. They were written by writer Miroslav Graclík, based on the narration of a woman who can see into the future.

A humble and sensitive soul

“For example, there is a powerful story about the burning barn that my mother told me and it was flashes from the past. If not the next they mainly refer to situations where people are afraid to leave someone, for example, so as not to harm them, or when someone forces us to live according to them, then we are afraid to organize our life as we want. I wanted listeners to inspire them in their own lives,” says Kočková.

“I see Nicole Lenert as a pure being. She is very empathetic. I needed someone who could understand the roles of individual characters in the stories. AND I admire Nicol for truly experiencing all of these situations, as if she physically walked into them and witnessed them. It was an amazing experience to listen to how she managed to speak the audiobook. Even though I know the cases, she told them in such a way that I waited impatiently to see how they would unfold, ”adds the scientist.

“Nicol radiates beauty inside and out. She is kind and humble, we got along very well. She has a beautiful soul and is also sensitiveBarbara Kočková added for

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