Honza Nedvěd fondly remembers the late František (†73): Admiration and support for his brother’s son

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It’s not very often that folk icon Honza Nedvěd (76) speaks in public. However, the events of the past few weeks have forced him to clarify that his musical future will not lie in collaboration with his son Jan, but with his nephew František. After the interview for eXtra.cz, he also released a statement which was posted on Facebook by his nephew František and was also obtained by the editors of eXtra.cz. In it he also remembers his late brother František Nedvěd (†73).

Honza Nedvěd the Elder: I have nothing to do with my son

After an exclusive interview with eXtra.cz, the living folk legend spoke at greater length in an open statement.

“I read somewhere on Facebook that I am now healthy and apparently will play with Honza Nedvěd Jr., there is also my photo. I don’t understand why? I have nothing to do with him and his band.” said folk bard Jan Nedvěd in his statement, which was obtained by eXtra.cz, the Facebook it was also published by his nephew František Nedvěd Jr. He had previously identified him as his only family colleague for our website.

The famous musician has now repeated it. He strongly supported his nephew, with whom his son had not parted on good terms.

“The only one I want to play with is Franta the Younger, my brother’s son.” said Nedvěd.

Franta is like his dad, I will play with him, the legend predicts

“He reminds me of him so much that when I close my eyes, I hear my brother. She has everything he had: emotion, shame and great musicality. He is just as mischievous as his brother and can get as angry as Frant when we occasionally argue.“, describes with emotion the singer-songwriter admired by generations.

“I am 76 years old, but I would like to travel with him to the Czech Republic, Slovakia, everything my brother and I have done, to do with him. Me the first stanza, him the second, me the noodle soup, he the peas, me the monuments, he the canteens“, he recalls fondly.

“I hope it will be okay. I love him and he loves me, we deserve it” supplements.

“Well, Fando: head up, highways and shoup ​​Liberec, Trnava, Karlovy Vary, Bratislava and don’t forget Medník, and learn the second stanza of Podvod, I’ll sing the first one, that’s how it is with your dad. And thank you for being you,” he added with a strong, true signature. “Honza Nedvěd Sr., the one who put it all together”​.

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