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mr. signThey celebrate December 31st as a successor Jörg Pilava She made her debut as the host of the Eurovision show “The Big New Year’s Show”. How do you usually celebrate the New Year?

Hans Siegl: I’m more of a quiet “glider pilot” because I’m not a big party animal anyway. That’s why I prefer to enjoy quiet moments and feel better when I can celebrate the beginning of the year in this way.

I even tried to sleep through the new year, but nothing happened. Around eight or nine o’clock you usually get a little agitated. So I don’t mind celebrating the New Year a little. But without crackers and fanfare.

Seagle: “Nervousness will be limited”

This time you will definitely be interested from 20:15 to 20:00. Then the TV New Year’s Eve party starts on first, SRF 1 and ORF 2. How excited are you looking forward to this big prime time show?

Nervousness will be limited, as I have been doing this job for several years. In this case, the show is even over, so you sort of know what you’ve done. For me, it’s more of a gift that I can present a show with Francine Jordi for people on the last night of the year. There are many people who are lonely and need a distraction.

Will you watch your own show?

At least I’ll take a look. It’s always interesting to see the final production. That’s how I, by the way, feel about the “Bergdoctor”. What is a cut? What scenes were cut? So I have a more professional take on it.

An exciting mix of guests

From the public’s point of view, the guest mix sounds promising. world star Chris de Burgh joins forces with hits icon Marianne Rosenberg and iconic Bavarian band Spider Murphy Gang. How satisfied are you?

I like the mixture very much. Same Eco Freshbead game or Oli Pand these are just some of the guests, bring different facets with you. So you can count on a really humorous story.

Can a record even create a New Year’s mood? How was the audience?

In fact, I was also skeptical. But I was assured that the public at the Baden Arena in Offenburg would be celebrating a big themed party. And that’s how it was then. By mood – New Year’s Eve, viewers will feel it.

Seagle about horoscopes

To make sure nothing happens, the show also features an astrologer (Antonia Langsdorff). Do you believe in horoscopes?

There are astrologers and there are astronomers. Both work in a professional field, which is very interesting. For my part, I prefer to listen to astronomers, but I also enjoy reading horoscopes in the papers.

I am like everyone else: if the horoscope carries something negative, then you discard it. However, if the horoscope says that tomorrow will be a great day, then it will be a great day (laughs). I accept it with a wink. In principle, however, you can say that a little push is good, no matter where you get it from. So when it comes to getting motivated or assertive, a horoscope is a great tool.

After criticism

Carmen Geiss defends fur coat: only wear animals that you can eat

How do you feel about resolutions? Who are you going with in 2023?

I feel the same way about horoscopes. Of course, there were solutions in my past as well, until I realized after three decades of my life that it didn’t really work. At some point, I simply replaced the word “intention” with the word “goal”.

I can reach the goal, or at least get closer to it. A decision, on the other hand, must always be carried out. I find it very fascinating to think about self-suggested questions. Why this great desire to throw off the old, combined with the hope that everything will suddenly work out?

Siegl on his goals: ‘I’m a bit of a bore in that regard’

Then I will ask another question: what is your goal for 2023?

There is a small list in which I write down my personal and professional thoughts. For example, when I play golf, I set specific goals for my handicap. Also, because this sport shows a certain parallel with my work as an actor: the less you want, the better you get! When you are relaxed in your center, it becomes cool both on stage and on the golf course. I’m a bit of a bore in this regard.

Let’s get back to the New Year’s Show: Your colleague Jörg Pilava has dabbled in singing in recent years. Will we 31.12. see “singing Seagle” now?

“The Singl Sigl”: Nice program name, I like it. But no, there will be no “singing sigle”. I can’t crush the nation now. We have great musicians on stage. In this regard, I have focused on classical moderation. If you want to hear me sing, welcome to my solo program.

New Squadron “Bergdoctor”

Two days before the New Year’s Show, the new season of Bergdoctor also kicks off on ZDF. What stories can fans of the series look forward to without spoiling too much?

In fact, in this case, it is enough to look at the ZDF website, everything is there. It seems to be becoming more common for content to be announced online ahead of time. Maybe that’s right. Otherwise, the audience would probably be too shocked by what they saw (laughs).

Your Bergdoctor colleague Mark Keller, aka Dr. In 2023, Alexander Kahnweiler will release his first album in German called “Mein kleine Glück”. Why will you stream or download it?

The great thing about friendship is that I know the album before it comes out…


Talking icon Jay Leno endures severe burns with humor

How grateful are you to him for the iconic line “Martin, my only friend” that was never scripted and is hailed by the show’s fans?

We didn’t know this sentence was going to get such iconic status, but it speaks to the simplicity and ingenuity of the twists that come from the character. I always rejoice when I hear it somewhere.

What awaits the “mountain doctor”?

This is already the 16th season, the first of which aired in 2008 when you played Dr. Francis. Martin Gruber in the title role. Have you set a goal for how long do you want to do it?

My goal is always to do everything I do with 100 percent dedication. This is still the case with Bergdoctor. Season 17 is still secured, the end is not yet in sight. It’s an exception these days when 16 years later all the main cast are still there – and we’re still getting a lot of support. This is a great happiness, which must be treated with humility.

The “Mountain Doctor” continues to receive many promotions, but the current World Cup is much smaller than usual. Do you follow the tournament in Qatar?


Because the World Cup is being held in Qatar?

Of course, everyone must decide for himself what he wants to consume and what not. Personally, for well-known reasons, this World Cup is not very close to me. I do not like this. If I get stuck there for two minutes during a dash, I always realize what an absurd momentum it is.

At a time when our society is once again very confused, people are trying to calm down with the help of the World Cup. According to the motto: All is well as long as we become world champions. I find it very surreal.