Sonic Prime Becomes Netflix’s Best Animated Children’s Series

The series starring Sega’s Blue Hedgehog has racked up over 67 million viewing hours after three weeks, surpassing the debuts of other series such as The Cuphead Show!.

first sonicthe animated series with Sega’s blue blur which was released on Netflix on December 15, manages to establish itself as the debut of an anime series aimed at the most successful children’s audience of the platform diffusion. Due to the good reception it received from the public, Sega announced just a few days ago that new episodes will be released at the end of the year.

As indicated by the Tweeter attached, first sonic set a new record for the premiere of an animated children’s series on Netflix. According to official data, the first season has been viewed for over 67 million hours after three weeks, it reached the first position in the English platform’s Global Top 10. In the attached picture Tweeter we can see the full breakdown of the series by week: 27.72 million hours in week one, 26.41 million in week two, and 13.40 million in week three.

What is Sonic Prime about?

“It’s the Sonic you know and love, until an amazing twist sends Sonic on an all-new adventure with a revamped cast and a Sonic like you’ve never seen before, where the fate of the multiverse rests in your gloves. Sonic’s adventure is more than a race to save the universe from the evil machinations of his longtime nemesis Dr. Eggman and his army of robot badniks, it’s a race to save his friends.” in the synopsis of the first season.

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