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NDR reporter Sasha Henn died in a car accident. This is confirmed by the moderator Hinnerk Baumgarten and the artist among others. Julian F.M. Stockelwho say goodbye to Henn on Instagram.

Baumgarten describes how he was about to call his friend when aides tried to save his life: “When I called you yesterday at 4:38 p.m., I was answered by the first responder. You’re about to lose your life, Sasha!” He just wanted to “chat again” with Henn. explains Baumgarten in an interview with the Bild newspaper. “At first no one answered. A few minutes later the number called back. It was the turn of the first responder. […]. He said it didn’t look good. I heard sirens in the background, the hum of voices.”

The first defendant informed Baumgarten that Smart Henna “hit the truck without braking.” [sei]witnesses would try to get him out of the car […]The host was ‘in severe shock’. A police spokesman confirmed the ‘image’: ‘The Smart driver, who was apparently not wearing a seat belt, initially suffered life-threatening injuries as a result of the impact. Despite immediate resuscitation, he died at the scene of the accident from his injuries.

“I’m especially sad for you because you loved life so much”

The host was “especially sad for you, because you loved life so much. You just found a wonderful woman by your side, you were so happy,” he continues on Instagram. “You had a special visual language at work, the ability to tell stories, access to special people. Your films have always been great and will continue to be so for us. You will remain a friend in my heart, a wonderful person.” The deceased was “subtle, interested, thoughtful, subtle, self-assured, happy”.

In a commentary on Baumgarten’s contribution, moderator Bettina Tietjen also reports: “This is so terrible! I have no words. Have a nice journey, dear Sasha, wherever it takes you.” In addition, Julian FM Stockel, who is currently in Australia, is deeply saddened on Instagram. “Shortly after I switched to Cologne, I learned that my dear friend Sascha Hans-Gert Henn had died in a car accident on Monday afternoon,” Stokel said.

Sasha Henn was a “wonderful person”

He would have “tears in his eyes.” “I experienced sooo many, sooooo wonderful and funny moments with you. Your eccentricity, your wit, your way of looking at people was breathtaking…” Henn made a film about Stockel over a decade ago, at a time “in which no one believed in me. No one wanted to have anything to do with me, and not a single journalist wanted to say a word about me…” But Henn, who was “a wonderful man,” believed in him at the time. “Dear Sasha, thank you for the watch, white wine, cigarettes, joke and fun…”
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