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The end of the love of the youngest couple of Marriage Studies: Zuzka lives alone, Standa has a new family

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Time-lapse documentaries are the specialty of documentary filmmaker Helena Třeštíková (73), and the Marriage Etudes cycle is one of them. Zuzana and Stanislav Čeřovský’s marriage did not last too long. Yet, while he has a positive outlook on the world, devotes himself to his new family and his many interests, she has closed herself off to the world, working in a pharmacy and watching soap operas. The story of this pair is broadcast by ČT, which has included it in its archives.

Zuzana and Stanislav Čerovský they became husband and wife at the age of eighteen, when a child was already on the way and Standa was about to enlist in the army. Due to their youth and circumstances, this youngest couple did not live together for some time even after marriage. However, they eventually get a shared apartment.Five years after the first son, Honzo, the daughter Zuzanka was born.

Although the story looks promising, about five years before the filming of the sequel, a divorce occurs and documentary filmmaker Helena Třeštíková already finds everyone separately – Zuzana with her children and Stanislav with his new wife Jitka and two daughters . While the other is always active, constantly finding new ideas and enjoying life, Zuzana is wasting away. She works in a pharmacy, gains weight, and her only joy is television and soap operas.

End of cooperation after 35 years

After 35 years, Zuzana no longer wanted to participate in the filming of the third stage of Marriage Etudes, and the same was true for her daughter Zuzanka, who grew up more and more like her mother during her teenage years. In this she was diametrically different from her brother Honza, who from an early age admired technology, similar to her father, who also interested Třeštíková herself. Stanislav was perhaps the first of the people in my neighborhood who already worked with a computer in the mid-1980s,” he added. remember for today, I .

Stanislav is interested in anything possible and loves DIY of all kinds. At home, he has a mini soundproof cinema and, among other things, he tries to photograph space objects using a special camera.

“Stanislav is inspiring and always active, he surprises with new hobbies or discoveries with each shooting. A visit to them always fills me with optimism.” continues Třeštíková, who even tried 4D glasses with him. “I also tried to drive a Formula 1 race. I crashed just after a few corners, but the experience was unforgettable.”

Třeštíková: I wish Stand and Jitka little consumption, Zuzana and Zuzka peace

He is no longer in contact with the female part of the family of origin. However, according to available information, Zuzana is still supposed to work at the pharmacy.

“I wish Stand and Jitka peace of mind, low fuel consumption in an energy-efficient home, the joy of grandchildren, a flowery garden and happy hens. Stand also offers more exciting discoveries and the creation of more beautiful photos of the microworld and object space that he would be satisfied with. To Honz and his wife, I wish Františka both success in combining their own rather demanding work with the care of their children and may their children bring them nothing but joy. I wish Zuzana and her daughter Zuzka a peaceful and happy life.” she sent her wishes to all members of the broken Třeštíková family.

You can watch the Čeřovský story on the evening of January 24 on CT2 .

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