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This was the origin story of Tess who dropped out of The Last of Us series

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Program officials have revealed what a sequence about Anna Torv’s character’s past looked like.

[En esta nota encontrarán spoilers sobre “Infectados”, el segundo episodio de la serie de  The Last of Us ]

Tess was one of the most important characters in the first episodes of The last of us, but although the smuggler is a figure who crossed over from the original video game to television, few details of her life before the disaster have been established. However, that wouldn’t always have been the plan.

As part of a new episode of the Official podcast of The Last of Us series Those responsible for this adaptation, Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann, shared what Tess’ origin story was like, which they discarded for the second episode.

According to the creatives, at some point they considered establishing that before the outbreak, Tess was married and had a child. But her husband and child would have been infected and while she should have killed her companion, the little boy would have been left alive but locked up as an infected person.

“We talked about something, we wrote it but we never filmed it. It was kind of the origin story of Tess and the fact that Tess had a son. She had a husband and she had a son, and they were infected, and she had to kill them. She killed her husband, but she couldn’t kill her son.” Mazine said.

According to Mazin, Tess’ son was still alive at the time of the events of the series. “Theoretically, it’s still a Clicker”, said the showrunner.

“We had a cold opening where you come in, where the camera zoomed in on a door and you heard these knocks coming from a basement, and then there was a cut,” Druckman added. “And then Tess was saying she couldn’t kill her son.”

But while it would have added some interesting plot artistry with the Clickers in the episode and Tess’ own preoccupation with Ellie (which Mazin called the character’s activated “mothering mode”), it was ultimately scrapped because it “didn’t fit” the episode plot.

Source: Latercera

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