Petar Pavl’s wife led voters into the kitchen: Eva Pavlová revealed what the general likes

The Czechs will soon elect their new president and with him the first lady. He will decide between former Prime Minister Andrej Babiš and Petr Pavlo. It was the general’s wife who invited readers into the kitchen and revealed her husband’s favorite dish. “Petr is a grateful boarder, he eats everything, but he really likes cabbage,” Pavlová told

Cabbage according to Evathat’s what Roman Vaněk calls her in the video, who helped the aspiring first lady prepare all the ingredients for the presidential candidate’s favorite dish. “In Brussels, it was difficult to obtain the raw materials for this”, recalled Pavlová for the web for the time when she and her husband lived in Belgium, where Petr Pavel was chairman of the NATO military committee in 2015-2018.

In the recipe below, you may be surprised by two not-so-traditional ingredients when preparing cabbage: crackers and prunes. “In Wallachia, someone told me that you can’t put plums in a cabbage patch! And another told me you can’t put plums in a cabbage patch. describes Vaněk in the video, after which Mrs. Pavlová gives him a taste of plums from her own garden. What they both agreed on was that cabbage is more or less a holiday soup. “I do it on Christmas” added the general’s wife.

“Once my husband came home from work, the kids from school, I thought I cooked for two days and they ate it all.” said Pavlova. So let’s get to the recipe that tastes so good Peter Pavlov.

Zelňačka according to Eva Pavlova for 4-5 people

For the base of the soup, prepare about 0.5 kg of smoked meat or smoked bones, 2-3 large potatoes and half a kilo of sauerkraut. We will also need mushrooms, bacon for cracking, spicy sausage, sour cream, salt, ground black pepper, allspice, bay leaf, prunes and water.

First, put the smoked meat in a pot, cover it with water and let it cook gently with the mushrooms. We cook the bones for about an hour, until the meat falls off. Remove the bones, let them cool and carefully remove the meat. It can then be used in soup or mashed potatoes.

Drain the cabbage (a little pickle can be used in soup), cut into pieces and add to the smoked broth. We cook it in it for 10-15 minutes. Peel the potatoes, cut them into small cubes, put them in a saucepan, add a teaspoon of salt, cover with water and cook until tender. We always cook the potatoes separately, we never add them to the cabbage, because they would absorb the acidity and would not soften.

Add meat without skin to sweet cabbage, pour boiled potatoes and water and cook together. Salt and pepper the cabbage, add new spices and a bay leaf and cook it with the smoked meat. Cut the bacon into cubes and sauté in a pan until it releases the lard and crackles. Remove them to a plate with a napkin. Briefly fry the sliced ​​sausage in lard and remove to a plate.

Mix the sausage, bacon, a little lard from the crackers and the prunes cut into chunks into the finished cabbage. Let’s warm it up briefly. Pour the cabbage and smoked meat into bowls or deep plates and add 1-2 tablespoons of sour cream. However, it is better the next day.

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