The fourth episode of The Last of Us is the most watched with 7.5 million viewers

The newest chapter in the Naughty Dog game series garnered the attention of 17% more viewers than the third and 60% more than the pilot episode. The fifth opens this Saturday.

The fourth episode of The last of us It’s already available to all HBO subscribers and it continues the trend of overtaking the previous episode’s ratings, being today the most watched to date. As reported from VGCthis fourth chapter starring Joel (Pedro Pascal) and Ellie (Bella Ramsey) managed to catch the attention of more than 7.5 million viewers when it premiered last Sunday in the United States, a number that exceeds the 6.7 million received by the emotional third episode starring Bill and Frank.

The number of viewers increased by 17% compared to 6.7 million the previous week and 60% from the 4.7 million in the pilot episode. As you know, the adaptation of the game developed by Naughty Dog was recently renewed for a second season due to its good reception, both by specialist critics and by users. The second season will cover the events that we have been able to experience The Last of Us Part IIalthough Craig Mazin, showrunner of the series, thinks they might need a third season to be able to cover all the stories told in the sequel.

Don’t forget that the fifth episode of the series will be presented in an extraordinary way next Saturday, February 11th.

One of the best video game adaptations

The last of us It’s an excellent series that perfectly encompasses all the elements that made the video game of the same name so important in its time. It is a deep and existentialist drama, which deals like few others with the survival of the human being in difficult times, as well as the importance of love or decisions in dark times. The work of Neil Druckmann and Craig Mazin was able to transfer Joel and Ellie’s story faithfully and accuratelyor, introducing us to this unlikely couple, whose shattered reality forces them to confront who they are and how far they will go to preserve what gives meaning to their lives,” we conclude in our review of the first season.

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