The Last of Us: Episode 4 now available; episode 5 will air two days early

HBO confirms that the fifth episode of The Last of Us series will air next Saturday, February 11, so as not to coincide with the Super Bowl. The next episodes will air on Mondays.

The fourth episode of the television series The last of us It’s available now, as always, exclusively to anyone with an HBO subscription. The previous chapter, which as you well know was largely played by Frank and Bill, managed to become the most-watched of the entire Naughty Dog video game adaptation in a matter of hours. Failing to know what numbers will reach this new episode, as has become the custom, we can expect a multitude of references, tributes and winks to the players. On the other hand, HBO shared the first look at the fifth episode:

As we could see in the preview, the fourth chapter of The last of us will first introduce The Hunters, an organized group of violent survivors who will do everything in their power to make things difficult for Joel and Ellie on their journey to find Tommy. “The last of us will delve more into this group of looters answering some of the questions that arose in the video game: “Where did they come from? Why did they demolish this quarantine zone? Who is their leader? These are all the things that we can see in the series” , commented Neil Druckmann on what we can expect from this episode.

Through a press release, HBO has confirmed that the fifth episode will air on an extraordinary basis next Saturday, February 11, so as not to coincide with the Super Bowl celebration. Subsequent episodes of the series will continue to air every Monday on HBO until the end of the first season on March 13.

An adaptation at the level of the mythical video game

“An excellent series that perfectly encompasses all the elements that made the video game of the same name so important in its time. It is a deep and existentialist drama, which It addresses human survival in difficult times like few others, as well as the importance of love or decisions in dark times.. The work of Neil Druckmann and Craig Mazin has conveyed the story of Joel and Ellie with fidelity and skill, showing us how this unlikely couple, whose troubled reality forces them to confront who they are and how far they are capable of go to preserve what gives meaning to their lives”, we concluded in our report after seeing the first season in its entirety.

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