The Last of Us: Episode 3 suffers critical bombardment and is the series’ lowest rated

‘A long, long time’, a chapter centered on the story of Bill and Frank, is the lowest-rated HBO series so far on outlets such as Metacritic or IMDb.

Despite the fact that episode 3 of the series of The last of ustitled ‘A long long time’, had a huge reception on social media such as Twitter, with hundreds of users cheering for Bill and Frank’s romantic story, as many viewers didn’t miss the option to negatively evaluate this new chapter of media like Metacritic or IMDb, basically because of the homosexual romance between the main characters. because of that bombing review unjustified, the episode became the lowest rated of what we have been in the seriessporting a 4.6 on Metacritic and a 7.9 on IMDb caused by 28.4% negative feedback (with ratings of 1 out of 10). Positive ratings ended up being more numerous in the last mentioned media, which made the chapter come out somewhat afloat. On Metacritic, on the contrary, there was no possible salvation…

Bill and Frank’s story is one of the best we’ve seen on television.

Regarding the two previous episodes, the first has a score of 8.7 on Metacritic and the second, an 8.6. On IMDb, we see that the two previous episodes have a 9.2. The bombardment of reviews from this episode has somewhat clouded the series’ final rating on both platforms, though overall it continues to hold strong ratings: 84 in the first support mentioned in this paragraph and 9.3 in the second. beyond the darkness, we can also find the light with opinions as moving as the following posted on Twitter:

The last of us portrays the best dystopian love story of our generation and also gave us the funniest dystopian exchange in human history,” comments user Brian Anthony. “Wow. One of the best TV episodes I’ve ever seen. Absolutely masterful. What emotion and what a cry“, they assure since geeky space. Episode 4, for its part, already presented the trailer and will premiere on HBO Max next Monday, February 13.

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