The third episode of The Last of Us is the most watched with 6.7 million viewers

The premiere of the third chapter of The Last of Us was the most-watched of the HBO Max series, surpassing the already successful premieres of previous episodes.

There is no doubt that the series of The last of us It’s become quite a phenomenon: Naughty Dog’s video game adaptation for HBO Max is only three episodes long and has already been renewed for a second season, which isn’t surprising given the success it’s had. harvest. If with the first two chapters the figures were already surprising, the thirdwhich was created yesterday laden with references and winks, is all the more so since managed to surpass the previous two in number of viewers at its premiere.

According to figures collected by hollywood journalistthe third episode of The last of us premiered with 6.7 million viewers. This figure exceeds 4.7 million for the first and 5.7 million for the second. It should be remembered that these are numbers referring to the premiere of the episode, which indicates that more and more people are joining the update of the series that it adapts. The last of us.

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How many viewers does the series have in total? The last of us?

If we talk about total numbers, the audience of The Last of Us is even more surprising: for example, the first episode exceeded 10 million viewers just two days after its original premiere. Another figure that demonstrates the success of this television adaptation is that the first two chapters add an average of 21.3 million viewersaccording to figures from HBO itself.

To this success must be added that of the following six chapters yet to be publishedwhich will take place every Monday until March 13 on HBO Max.

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