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Netflix rectifies and suspends its plan to eliminate shared accounts

The platform was determined to implement its plan to remove shared accounts and block out-of-home use within weeks. Now, Netflix is ​​backtracking and reviewing its strategy.

Netflix will not, at this time and until further notice, remove the shared account option. The platform revealed that it will begin in March to put limits to that of password sharinga with other users outside the family nucleus, generating a wave of criticism and widespread anger. Just a week ago, he explained what the verification system would look like, announcing that would block to all subscribers who skipped it. Now, after the warning, Netflix has rectified.

Netflix rectifies and confirms that it will take more time to implement the system for blocking shared accounts, but does not give a date

The streaming platform has been warning about its new policy in this area for several months, revealing for months its intention to end this type of shared accounts. A deadline was set, at the end of March, explaining that there would be no turning back. But there have been. Netflix appears to have backtracked on its decision to remove shared accounts, removing the webpage detailing the implementation altogether. of this new measure, which will only be available in certain countries in Central and South America, where pilot test still valid.

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In the middle of last year, Netflix justified this measure in the midst of an economic crisis and a very severe drop in subscribers, explaining that the objective was none other than to increase the number of subscribers, which had been stagnant for a long time. The company pointed out that at least 100 million system profiles are shared with non-cohabitants, a figure that could be monetized if this account blocking is implemented. He said that with the new measures, devices that failed to connect at least once in 31 days to the account holder’s internet would be blocked.

The measure will move forward, but it might take time to arrive and change its blocking requirements

For now, despite the latest setback, Netflix seems to be moving forward with the idea, although the final date for the start of the cuts is unknown. or whether alternative measures will be sought in this respect which are less aggressive and confusing for subscribers. They have already rectified in the past and it would not be surprising if they did it again.

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