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They wanted an only child, now they turned around: moderator Hanka Mašlíková spoke about the second baby

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Hana Mašlíková (40) and André Reinders (41) are raising their almost five-year-old son Andreas together. After he was born, the couple were convinced that their one child was enough and they didn’t want another child, but in retrospect they probably regret their decision. The popular presenter has now admitted on her Instagram that she and her husband would love a second child, but they feel too old for it. On the other hand, Hanka is extremely fit for her age because she fell in love with exercise, as she confirmed to editors.

In August, it will be five years since Hanka Reinders Mašlíková and André Reinders became a family. In 2017 the son Andreas was born. The happy ending came a year after the lovebirds promised each other love and fidelity at the altar, and then the couple were convinced Andreas would remain an only child. But now they probably regret their decision: they are talking about a second child, but there is a catch.

The Reinders couple want a second baby

A few years after the birth of her son, popular presenter Nova admitted that strong maternal love does not come immediately after birth. “It was not this moment of unlimited love, I fell in love with my son little by little and I was terribly ashamed of it”, quoted at the time lightning . Perhaps this fact and the fear of the situation repeating itself led to the decision that Adreas’ son would not have any siblings.

But now everything is different. “At the time, we were determined to only want one child. As Andreas gets older, we realize we would like another baby, but now we feel too old for that. Hanka hinted on her Instagram. On the other hand, if Hanka has changed her mind, her body is certainly ready for motherhood after forty years. She’s been training for many years, so it’s no wonder it’s a natural part of her life and she trains almost every day. “Exercise is such a drug, I need it every day. Even without preparation, I will train five times a week, if I don’t go, I miss it. In addition, I found a great group of friends there, whom I consider to be my second family. I’ve been practicing since I was 18, so I can’t imagine life without it, and I also really like to push the boundaries where a person can come with their diligence.” she told some time ago.

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