The Last of Us: The director of episode 3 reveals the keys to the moving finale

Peter Hoar, director of episode 3 of The Last of Us series, explains the meaning of the final plan in an interview.

Warning, spoilers! In this article, we will talk about the ending of the third episode of The Last of Us series.

The first published journals of the series of The last of us they pointed out that we were in front the best adaptation of a video game in television format (and, well, straight to the cutscene). As with the Marvel movies, the original Naughty Dog game’s most loyal fans didn’t believe those words and, despite positive reviews, the community prayed that HBO didn’t trash Neil Druckmann’s story and your team. Last Monday, January 30, Episode 3 was released; ‘long time‘, and right now fans are in a cloud assuring it’s the best thing they’ve seen on screen. Pierre Hoardirector of the chapter, revealed to reverse which represents the emotional ending to this section of the series.

Episode 3 introduces us to two characters: Bill and Frank, two characters that have been postulated as the best of what we have in fiction. Both star in a moving love story that has left no one indifferent. The final scene is a shot veterans will particularly remember: an open window through which sunlight enters. Indeed, it is a reference to the menu of the game of The last of us. In this image, we have chosen what to play: the campaign, the factions or the DLC. From the beginning, Mazin wanted it to be part of the series, and Hoer cast it as a closing item instead of an opening because it worked better.. Although the series more or less follows the story of the game to the letter, it takes its creative liberties.

“When you played the original game, there was a menu screen; it was a window with a breeze. That’s where you select ‘play’ or whatever. There was a discussion with Craig about that , it could be something that we try to emulate, we put it at the beginning of every episode. I think it was a really good tip for the HBO Max homepage,” the director explained. “It was going to be put at the start of the episode. But it didn’t work out because Joel and Ellie are outside that house, they’re not near a window. But at the end of the episode, we are there and it makes sense”, continues the filmmaker, who would be happy to repeat if he was called for season 2.

The last of us
Bill and Frank star in the most moving story we have on the show.

“We see Joel and Ellie disappear into the sunset. But he wanted one last moment with Bill and Frank, and he didn’t know how else to do it.. If we go back through his window, we see the flowers that have died, which is also heartbreaking, and one of Frank’s paintings on the wall.” the end of episode 3 referred to this initial menu of The last of us with a twist: Closes something instead of opening it, while letting Joel and Ellie continue their adventure the same way the window did in the Naughty Dog game. series of The last of us It premieres an episode every week on HBO Max, and as we told you, its Season 2 has already been confirmed.

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