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You can therefore continue to use your Netflix account in your second home or if you go on vacation

The Account Sharing Ban will go live on Netflix next March, and here’s how to continue using your account if you’re outside of your “core.”

Netflix is ​​about to become the only streaming platform where you can share an account, with people outside our family nucleus, it will cost us a few extra euros per month. The company is clear that this new measure will cause many users to opt out, but it will go ahead even though it has already slipped with its cheaper service with ads. The red giant will implement a special measure to detect which devices are using our account: it will use IP verification systems and regular connections to the main account’s WiFi network. This, in addition to complaints, generated doubts. What happens if I have a second home or if I go on vacation? Will I then be able to continue using my account without problems or will Netflix block it?


Netflix has a verification plan for all of its subscribers.

the company He has already offered a solution to these doubts, calming the masses down a bit., but even so, there are still many unknowns. From what we know at the moment, yes, it will be possible to continue using the account of our family nucleus in second homes or if we are on vacation without problems. What Netflix blocks or detects as “missing” is the device logging into the account in question, so what will have to be done is simply Check this device we use to watch Netflix (mobile, tablet, PC…) using a code that the company will send us by email.

It will be possible to continue using Netflix in second homes or if we are on vacation if we complete a verification process

Netflix will send an email to the account holder or an SMS to the linked phone. There we will find a four-digit verification code that must be entered in the device in question that we want to use. All in 15 minutes. If everything is correct, we can continue to use Netflix on this device. The company wants to bypass its users and it’s not exactly taking off in a positive way. In fact, there are already quite a few viewers who say they’ll unsubscribe before March: Watch Netflix, If that’s not enough, $18 a month, and you’ll treat me like a piratechecking how and where I connect and threatening to charge me extra (who has already paid for things as mundane as watching something in 4K), Unsubscription period, you were candidate number 1 without these measures“,

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