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How did the director leave New York empty in I Am Legend?

Although it shows a post-apocalyptic future where the world is abandoned, the director of I’m the Legend revealed that many scenes are the work of special effects.

A retrospective of the website reverse about the film rescued the behind-the-scenes information of the 2007 science fiction film, and in them, there are a lot of details about the film told by Francis Lawrence. The filmmaker said he needed to convince Warner Bros. that the budget for the project would not be absurd.

Will Smith as Robert Neville in I Am Legend (Playback)
Will Smith as Robert Neville in I Am Legend (Playback)

To cut costs on creating sets, Francis said he did test footage on the streets of real New York. Initially, the script described the city as Los Angeles, but the director felt that the abandoned metropolis would create the greatest impact.

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City Hall and production made a joint effort for the project
Source: Epipoca


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