The Last of Us Part 2 ‘gives more than one season,’ says HBO showrunner

Craig Mazin, showrunner of HBO’s The Last of Us series, considers the story of the second game to be “bigger and more complex” than the first, which is why it would last more than one season.

With the Second Season from the Serie The last of us Now officially confirmed by HBO, the big question for fans of the Naughty Dog video game saga is clear:which part of the games will be adapted in the next batch of episodes? At the moment, only the first three of the first season have been released, so we don’t know until when in the first season. The last of us encompasses, but it seems clear that what follows will address the second delivery from the Serie

Now comes another question: does everything that is said fit into The last of us part 2 in one season? Naughty Dog’s latest game intertwined many stories, with huge time jumps between them, leading many to believe that not everything can fit into a single season. In fact, his Craig Mazin, showrunner from the Serie, raised this question during the presentation of the first season: as he explains in an interview, it does not seem that the second game can be adapted in a single season. You can see the video below.

“It gives for more than a single season of television”

“We’ve already started talking about it,” Mazin begins in the interview. “It’s a big challenge, because it’s a bigger and more complex story. I think it’s a great story, so Neil [Druckmann] and I’m trying to figure out how to do it, because it takes more than just one season of television,” continues explaining the showrunner in the video.

The last of usa series with proven success

It should be recalled that these statements date from before it was confirmed that the series of The last of us will have a second season, an announcement that came just days after the huge success of the first two episodes: the first attracted 4.7 million viewers during its premiere and the second exceeded this figure by reaching 5.7 million. Neil Druckmann, video game co-directorconfirmed On Twitter that the second season of the series will adapt The Last of Us Part II.

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