The Last of Us: The word ‘zombie’ was banned during the filming of the series

The cinematographer for HBO’s adaptation of The Last of Us said they couldn’t mention the word “zombie” because the story focuses on the characters and not the infected people.

Eben Bolter, series cinematographer The last of us for HBO, revealed in a recent interview exclusively with The credits What the word “zombie” was not allowed during filming of the nine episodes that make up the first season. Despite the fact that the series is set in a post-apocalyptic world in which humanity has been devastated by a contagious and dangerous infection caused by cordyceps, which turns people into mutants capable of transmitting disease through bites, the creators of the series they consider for some reason its infected cannot be classified as zombies.

“It’s not a typical zombie show. It was like a forbidden word. It was the infected. We weren’t a zombie show. Sure, there’s tension and scares, but the show is really about our characters; the infected are an obstacle they have to face“, commented Bolter during the interview. In this way, the cinematographer clarifies something that we already knew from the beginning: The last of usboth the video game and the television series adaptation, is not a story of infected, but a human drama in which the relationships between the characters and their respective evolutions are the main course.

Don’t forget that episode 5 is already available with a preview of episode 6, which will air next Monday, February 20.

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