The Last of Us: now available episode 6 with the trailer of episode 7

The sixth chapter in the Naughty Dog video game series is 58 minutes long and continues the journey of Joel and Ellie as they try to find Tommy and the fireflies.

The television series The last of us returns to the fray with the premiere of the sixth episode of its first season after the premieres of the fourth and fifth chapters the same week on the occasion of the Super Bowl. As always, the new episode is available for all subscribers of HBO and a new preview of the seventh has been shown, which as we can see will cover the events we saw in left behind:

The sixth chapter lasts 58 minutes and its synopsis reads, “After ignoring the advice of the locals, Joel and Ellie venture into dangerous territory to find the Fireflies and Tommy.” As always, lovers of the original video game developed by Naughty Dog can expect multiple references, winks and tributes, as has happened in the other episodes of the adaptation. Then we leave you with the release date of the nine chapters:

  • Episode 1: monday january 16
  • Episode 2: monday january 23
  • Episode 3: monday january 30
  • Episode 4: monday 6 february
  • Episode 5: Saturday February 11
  • Episode 6: monday 20 february
  • Episode 7: monday 27 february
  • Episode 8: Monday, March 6
  • Episode 9: Monday March 13

An adaptation that does honor to the game

The last of us It’s an excellent series that perfectly encompasses all the elements that made the video game of the same name so important in its time. It is a profound and existentialist drama, which It addresses human survival in difficult times like few others, as well as the importance of love or decisions in dark times.. The work of Neil Druckmann and Craig Mazin has conveyed the story of Joel and Ellie with fidelity and skill, showing us how this unlikely couple, whose troubled reality forces them to confront who they are and how far they are capable of go to preserve what gives meaning to their lives”, we tell you in the spoiler-free review of the first season.

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