Matthew McConaughey could have been Joel in ‘The Last of Us’

Craig Mazin, showrunner of the HBO series, admitted in an interview that Pedro Pascal wasn’t always the first choice to play Joel.

The first season of The last of us It ended up being a hit, applying as HBO’s new golden goose.. With development on season 2 paralyzed due to the writers’ strike in Hollywood, Craig Mazin, showrunner of the project which is adapting the Naughty Dog game for PlayStation and PC, has revealed that in addition to Pedro Pascal, they also have other options for playing Joel in fiction. Oscar winner Matthew McConaughey, for example, was one of those options, although the negotiations were unsuccessful and the chosen one was ultimately the protagonist of The Mandalorian. Physically, both options were great, but eventually Pascal ended up making room in his schedule to co-star on the show with Bella Ramsey.

Matthew McConaughey was in talks with Craig Mazin to play HBO’s Joel

In addition to McConaughey, Mazin also points out that never got to talk to Mahershala Alianother acclaimed artist who was also in True Detective and is now preparing to enter the MCU as Blade, clearing up rumors of his possible signing during the early stages of the series’ development: “Actually, I don’t never spoke with Mahershala,” commented Mazin in the podcast Happy Sad Confused. “But I spoke with Matthew [McConaughey]. I wouldn’t say it was a serious conversation, it was more like, ‘Hey, here’s something we can talk about’“, said the showrunner, implying that the conversations with the actor never reached any port. “Initially, Pedro was on our list from the beginning, but they told us that he was not available .” Pascal may have had a busy schedule at the time. between Disney, Pedro Almodóvar (who was not convinced by the series) and others.

“And then while we were stumbling around, I got a call from his agent and he said, ‘You know, he might actually be available. “” After that, the two took nothing and less to meet to start the project: “We did a Zoom and we had what I think was the most beautiful meeting I’ve ever had. just love at first sight“. Right now, it would be impossible to imagine Joel being played by another actor on television, but even Mazin admits that McConaughey’s choice would have been interesting, even if it would not change the series in any way as it is. East : “Matthew McConaughey is an amazing actor. I’m sure it would have been great, but it would have been different. And I like what we’ve done.”

The last of us

season 2 of The last of us does not yet have a release date on HBO Max.

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