‘It doesn’t seem like a great series to me’: Pedro Almodóvar reveals his opinion on The Last of Us

Almodóvar premiered ‘Strange way of life’ at the Cannes Film Festival and in theaters and he’s not too happy with the HBO series which adapts the Naughty Dog game.

Pedro Almodóvar has just released a new project in cinemas after passing through the Cannes Film Festival: strange way of life. The short stars Ethan Hawke and one of the TV stars of the moment, Pedro Pascal, who just swept after season 3 of The Mandalorian and the first block of episodes of The last of us, fiction which as you well know adapts the video game Naughty Dog. In an interview for frames, the filmmaker was asked if he had seen the play written by Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann, which catapulted Pascal to another level of popularity, becoming a beloved artist among fans of the original game. The director, being transparent, replied that it didn’t seem like a big deal to him..

The filmmaker responsible for The Skin I Live In and Strange Way of Life is not interested in video games

After asking him if he had seen the series of The last of uswas his response: “I’ve seen it, yes. I’m very happy with the success that Pedro has had, both with this and with The Mandalorian, but I don’t think it’s a great series“, he began with great sincerity. “I’m not interested in video games and I have a hard time giving depth to this story. Of course, Pascal and Bella Ramsey, for whom a bright future awaits them because she is formidable, are fantastic because they stand for something based on physical balance. I’m still going to watch the second season“. Almodóvar shows no interest in the video game industry and also points out that it is difficult to give a complex narrative to this type of product, despite the fact that it has been shown countless times that it is possible.

In all cases, the filmmaker is delighted with the success of the series and by Pascal and Bella Ramsey, who certainly gives an excellent performance. Although the first season did not tell him much, Almodóvar assures season 2 will continue when it premieres. However, it may take a long time to get to that point because due to the writers’ strike in Hollywood, the decision has been made to cripple the cast of the second season, as well as its script writing and the start. of its production. strange way of life It is available in cinemas throughout Spain.

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