The Last of Us paralyzes the development of its season 2 due to the writers’ strike

From HBO, they made the decision to stop the second season of The Last of Us dry due to the writers’ strike in Hollywood. Its premiere is now in limbo.

Hollywood screenwriters strike affects dozens of projects. The series, for obvious reasons, are the most affected within the audiovisual scene, both by their number in development and by the number of authors who usually need this type of fiction. Along with other works such as yellow jackets, Cobra Kai, stranger things either rupturesince HBO paralyzed the development of season 2 of The last of usseries starring Bella Ramsey and Pedro Pascal who is currently the platform’s goose, as well as the dragon house. The second season was in the pre-production phase., with choice of cast for new episodes. However, with Craig Mazin backing the strike, leaders made the decision to call it quits.

The casting tests took place without Craig Mazin and with dialogue taken directly from the video game

The co-creator and showrunner of The last of usthe aforementioned Mazin, who surprised the world with Chernobylconfirmed that he does not work as a screenwriter or producer in the work of Neil Druckman (What he’s also not working on season 2 right now), as she appeared alongside members of the Writers Guild of America (WGA) protesting writers’ pay measures in Hollywood. The pre-production phases, where casting tests were carried out, have been stopped because they didn’t work.

The sequences and lines of dialogue that the artists were asked to perform were taken directly from the last of us 2and they didn’t go through a process of adapting for the small screen, which means that in many cases it hasn’t finished convincing those in charge of the series. Below you can see a screenshot of Mazin supporting WGAwhich was carried out after the writers failed to come to an agreement with the studies aimed at improving their conditions:

It pauses The last of usand yet puts its release date in limbo if no deal is reached soon. Companies like Netflix have already taken action on their scripts, seeing that it’s going to be a long one. Other series like power rings They were also affected but, even so, they will continue even in the absence of showrunners. Andorthe series of star wars of Tony Gilroy, is the case that most closely resembles The last of ussince its highest executive was both producer and screenwriter.

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