Here is The Last Pascal, the indie that turns The Last of Us series into a PSX game

This game imagines what The Last of Us series would have looked like for HBO if it had had a video game adaptation back in the days of the first PlayStation. It is free to download and play on PC.

First came the original version of The last of usafter his remastering for PS4 and recently a redo which first came to PS5 and then to PC as ‘The Last of Us Part I‘. What if we looked back and put a game in the series long before all of that? That’s what happened to potboilerauthor of a kind of to do who imagines what Naughty Dog’s post-apocalyptic adventure would look like if it were released for the first PlayStation.

This project has an additional twist: it is not just a reinterpretation of The last of us PSX style but also based on the HBO series with Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey. In fact, the game is called The Last Pascal in a clear nod to the actor who plays Joel in this television adaptation. Below these lines you can see a trailer for the fan project, which takes the structure of a stealth game from an aerial perspective. in the purest style Solid metal gear (actually, there are other winks there). You can download the game for free at this link.

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Others fact playable

Although not technically a to do of The last of usbut rather an adaptation of the series, this project reminds us of other recent developments that imagine what games look like dead space either Resident Evil 4 if they were published on platforms prior to those on which they were originally published. The fashion of fact playable is more and more widespread and leaves us real jewelryamong which of course stands out this fantastic bloodborne PSX-style.

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